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Steel Construction Workshop Suppliers 2017

Steel Construction Workshop Suppliers 2017

low cost cheap steel construction workshop suppliers 2017 Product Details Thank you very much for your interests in our warehouse projects. As you may already know, prefabricated steel structure warehouse buildings feature with the following characteristics. - Cost effective solution - Fast...

Product Details

 1. What kinds of Prefabricated buildings construction can you provide?

Due to the significant time and cost savings, our Prefabricated buildings construction can be used for almost any applications, Construction offices, residential buildings, educational facilities, medical facilities, industrial uses, workshop and warehouses, tourism hotel, mining camp, oil and gas field camp, government buildings, and general commercial offices, etc.

·2. Why is Senwang Prefabricated buildings construction a cost effective solution?
Senwang Prefabricated Warehouse are constructed in a controlled factory environment and shipped to the prepared building site for installation. They are installed on site for temporary or permanent applications. There are 3 main benefits: 1. your building will be built with uniform quality; 2. construction time is reduced which are then reflected in the cost. 3. upfront planning by Lutuo make every building process easily.

·3. What is quality of materials used to Senwang prefab steel workshop?
1. The products are manufactured strictly according to contract. 2. The products are manufactured under the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification. 3. With years of industry experience, we've developed our own procurement system to ensure both quality and best price for our clients.

·4. Do you offer warranties for your prefab steel workshop?
Yes, we offer 5 years warranties on building materials.

·5. Can you provide "Turn Key Services"?
Yes, with the philosophy "Do more with your mind, Do less with your hand" to your prefab steel workshop project, our goal is to let you get it done with an ease.

 6. Will my Prefabricated Warehouse rust especially in coastal area?
We take several options to avoid rusting: 1. special anti-corrosive coating. 2. anti-corrosive painting of the surface. 3. zinc aluminized material.

 7. How can I be ensure the products are manufactured and delivered on time?
Yes, but the completion time is according to different orders. Big order should communicate with order management section. Below the monthly capacity, 40 days after deposit. 30 days for container house.

·8. Can you help purchase furniture, appliance and other related products?
Yes, we are a one-stop company that offers the complete range of related supporting facilities, after years of various project and industry experiences, we know how to balance customers' needs for quality, price and purchase time.

·9. What's your payment term to the buyer?
30% T/T deposit, 70% T/T balance after shipping.

10. How many support items of post-sale services can you provide?
We can offer 4 support items: 1. on-site installation guidance; 2. on-line video/audio support (free); 3. continuous material supplies; 4. technical consultation (free)

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