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Steel Structure Poultry House

Steel Structure Poultry House

Product Details

Steel structure poultry house


Poultry house, also named as chicken house and broiler house, is the building put up to protect chickens  from bad weathers and provide the chickens living space with feeding system, drinking system, waste cleaning and other equipment. 

Steel structure is made from organized combination of structural steel members designed to carry loads and provide adequate rigidity. The members of the steel structures are made of steel and are joined by welding, riveting or bolting. 


1. Saving cost.

2. Quick erection.

3. Eco-friendly and safety.

4. Flexibility.

Main component

column and beam

material Q345 H section steel or square tube ( painting or galvanized)

wall&roof purlin

C or Z section steel

wall&roof panel

Color steel sheet or sandwich panel(EPS,glass wool,rock wool,PU sandwich panel)


sliding door or rolling door


Plastic steel or alloy windows



fast build and easy install with the installation drawings. Also, we will supply all technical support during installation and after-sale service as per your require.

Wide span

single span or multiple spans, the max span clear distance is 36m, without middle columns.

Low cost

unit price range from FOB USD30 to USD70 per square meter  according to customer’s request.

service life

galvanized steel frame more than 50 years. painted steel frame more than 30 years

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