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Steel Structure Residential Building Lead The Building Energy Efficiency

Steel Structure Residential Building lead the building energy efficiency

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The Production method of Steel Structure Residential Building compared with the traditional concrete building which is much more energy saving and saving time and effort,not only affect the ecological environment, but also rapid construction ,steel Structure Residential Buildings has become a new trend to lead the building energy efficiency,
Especially in the domestic under the background of excess production capacity of steel , the development of steel structure residential building conducive to resolving the traditional industry excess capacity and a win-win situation to promote the development of green environmental .

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Steel Building is an important form of assembly architecture, compared with the traditional concrete structure, steel structure building with the following advantages in the energy saving and environmental protection.
The steel recovery rate of up to 90% of steel structure building , building materials could be reused and greatly reduce the construction waste and environmental pollution,except the main materials , 100% materials are steel ,because the light weight ,the whole building weight also reduce 50% , even need to dismantle in future, the construction waste will be reduced by 50%, the assembly site can also reduce the 80% of the noise, dust and sewage.
In addition, the steel structure residential building also has good seismic performance, high quality production, short construction period, suitable for long-distance transport and so on.

Data show that China’s steel construction area of steel production accounted for only 5% -6% of the total output, far below the developed countries 20% -30% level.Steel structure building with green, environmental protection, sustainable development which is an important form and development direction.

Steel Structure Residential Building also will lead the metallurgical, building materials, decoration and other upstream and downstream industry chain development.
As a new type of building production, the development of steel structure depends on the supporting technology and product improvement.

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