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Installation Precautions Activity Room Windows And Doors Location

1, doors and windows after the event should be open and flexible to install the door without blocking the rebound phenomenon, with a glass clamping spring, putting the whole should be flat with smooth character type, there should be pockmarked face and cracks, glass cleaner, accessory securely installed.

2, fasteners should comply with the provisions of GB5782, bolts must be designed according to the specifications required by the installation of the correct position, and a good pad washers, shall not be less loaded, missing equipment, connecting bolt the door member between activities must be tightened.

3, the site welding and transport activities at the way the room should be heavy brush primer flaking rust once, exposed parts of the activities of the door member next brush paint the second time, the paint can not be tainted brush, peeling, paint and hang back rust phenomenon.

4, appearance requirements must be: each wall must be vertical, patchwork tight; wall should be clean, consistent color, seams neat; doors and door lock switches and flexible activities, shall not lack annex; paint surface should not have to hang paint, leakage paint, wrinkle, blister and so on.

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